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Mariela Lairet is a Venezuelan Art Dealer and Curator. She lives in Lima since 2016. She represents and promotes a group of Latin-American artists, especially young talents that works in different media, from traditional techniques (painting, sculpture, photography drawing, lithography) to advanced media (videoart, installations, and other mixed media). .  


Working Experience

2019-2023 Founder of Mariela Lairet Galeria

2010 -2014 Director & Curator of Estudio Arte 8 Gallery


Recent exhibitions 

2010-2013 Curator of more than 10 exhibitions in Estudio Arte 8 Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela 

2014-2016 Art Sale and Art Advisor of private collections and master artworks. 

2017-2019 Pop up´s in Art Institutions, Open Studio Barranco, and others exhibitions. 

2019- 2020 Group shows Exhibitions curated by Mariela Lairet  in Lima Peru. 

2020-2021 Virtual Exhibitions 

2022 Group Show in Amano Museum "Entre el paisaje y la naturaleza".


Art Fairs: 

2010-2013 FIA Art Fair (Caracas, Venezuela)

2010 FIART (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republique) 

2011 PINTA (NY,USA) 

2011-2012 Pinta (London, UK)

2019-2020  Art Lima 

2022 Pinta Parc (Lima erú)


2019-2022 Teacher of Art Market Strategies for an Art Business Program in the Corriente Alterna School of Contemporary Art and Fine Arts. 


Curator & Art Advisor

Mariela Lairet has experience offering services as Curator and Art Advisor with galleries, museums, Companies, Banks, and Insurance Company, such as:

Grupo Octagon, Banco Exterior, Hispana Seguros, Cadena Capriles, Amano Museum, Estudio Arte 8 Gallery. 

Art Sales

She represents and promote the art of a talented group of latinamerican artists, especially young artists. But also she offers the service of pricing and selling masterpieces of private collections. 

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