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Melissa Dupont

Melissa Dupont (Lima, 1983)


Visual artist with training in architecture and design. She has a master’s degree from the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), and has a specialization in photography from the School of Photography and Image Center (EFTI), Spain.


Melissa began her career during her years in Spain, where she endeavored to develop projects in visual arts and urban interventions. Her work is influenced by geometric abstraction, minimalism, and contemporary architecture and design, as part of a process of exploration of space, and of color and its possibilities.


Her creative projects and languages lay between metal sculpture, digital painting, mural painting and interdisciplinary artistic projects. Her work is characteristically luminous, clean and composed of simple lines; yielding both clean and intense chromatic harmony.


She does not seek to intellectualize her artwork because her creation is sense- and perception-based, guided by an imperative need to achieve aesthetic harmony in her compositions whilst using color in a very intuitive way, as a constructive element through which space becomes visible in colored planes that reveal architectural elements.

Dupont’s artwork—in which perception, transparency and opacity interplay—can be perceived differently by the viewer according to his or her displacement in space, turning the relation between the viewer and the work into a multifaceted dance of sorts. In her color compositions she seeks to generate a rhythm through chromatic variations  and gradients, creating balance, serenity and silence.

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