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María Fernanda Lairet

María Fernanda Lairet has become one of the leading figures of Latin American contemporary art. The visual artist and photographer was honored by the AVAP on the occasion of the celebration of International Women's Day in the framework of the programming of the UNESCO AIAP.

It uses a language that signals the beginning of the economic culture of the 21st century. In his "Global Narratives" he works with banknotes of different denominations and nationalities, showing global economic, political and social issues through geometric abstraction and the use of digital printing on sheets of plexiglass, canvas and other materials.

It combines graphic design, photography and architecture to create ambiences, murals and gigantographies with energy and identity due to their harmonious colors and contrasts, as well as their simple and combined geometric shapes. Its digital approach allows it to employ new artistic practices, mixed media and print techniques that emerge from the technological culture.

She was the only Latin American artist to win the international "Global Art Awards 2017" award in the Street Art category with her collage "Dubai-Lairet". Recently the Nashville Arts magazineMagazine selected her as one of the photographers of the year 2017.

These awards coincided with the installation of one of her series at the Silicon Valley Airport in the city of San Jose, California and the Airport in Denver Colorado. USA.

During 2018, Lairet will participate in the "Sidewalk of the Americas", a large itinerant art installation curated by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). In this month of July the work of the artist that was selected for the "Side walk of the America" has been again selected as one of the finalists among other participants to be acquired for the Art Collection of the Inter-American Development Bank, located in Washington DC. 

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